The mission of 21st Century Youth is to cultivate young people who have the character and inner strength to thrive in the modern age.


Not every teen needs to be the leader of others. However, we do want our teens to be the leader of their own lives, so they can:

  • Make the right decisions
  • Resist negative influences
  • Be a "victor" and not play the victim role
  • Be accountable for themselves
  • React to challenges in a way that serves their best interests

We want our kids to have the stable inner-core needed to face the challenges and rapid change of the modern age. While the storm of uncertainty, change and distraction blows around them, we want our kids to be grounded in stability, integrity and common sense. 

Our life-changing experiences help youth develop the strong character to thrive. We do this by offering:

  • The 21st Century Youth Coach Approach
  • Activities that allow youth to excavate their own unique insights, perception, and inner-strength
  • Support and resources to parents of youth and youth advocates