21st Century Youth Empowerment Camp is a life-changing, four-day, three night camp experience for youth.  Teens from around the country will join us from Thursday, August 24th to Sunday, August 27th, 2017 at Camp Tioga, located in NE Pennsylvania.
Many other camps focus on developing leadership skills in kids that have not necessarily built the foundation of stability and strength in their own character. This is like putting the cart before the horse. We take a different approach and it works.

How are we different?

Our program develops a teen’s character from the inside out, using the 21st Century Youth Coach Approach.  Combining group coaching workshops, out-door activities, evening inspiration and fun, this camp will help teens tap into their own unique insights, perception, and inner-strength. By showing them how to do this we are giving them skills that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

By putting our focus on character development, we aim to teach youth the skill of figuring out what makes them tick and empowering them with tools to dramatically improve their confidence and competence. 

When youth identify their inner-strength and their own unique way of seeing the world, they can use it to their advantage. Coaching helps them discover their power and shows them how to be accountable.  Youth get to see the best part of who they are so that they can put that to work for themselves.

What takes place at a 21st Century youth Empowerment camp?

  • Character development workshops designed around the "coach approach"
  • Fun, interactive small-group sessions
  • Team-building and life-building activities
  • A ropes course to build trust and confidence
  • Evening inspiration  featuring speaker Brandon Lee White
  • Evening entertainment including a DJ dance and talent show

What is tHE "COACH approach"?

The Coach Approach uses various and unique team building and self-reflection exercises allowing the participants to realize what obstacles are keeping them from moving in the direction they want and help exploit their strengths to achieve their goals to make a significant impact in today’s society.

By teaching deep, impactful principles in a fun and engaging way, teens will be more receptive and not feel like they are being spoken to but instead they realize their potential through self analysis and sharing with other teens.

Our approach of questioning the norm, creating awareness and engaging them in these activities will allow them to step into their power on their own terms while at the same time preparing them to be community leaders and empowered adults.

who is it for?

This camp is open to girls and boys aged 14-16 years' old at the time of the camp. Students who are ready to tap into their own power and have a more hands-on role in the direction of their lives will be joining us.


The site is beautiful Camp Tioga located at 1635 State Rte, Thompson, Pennsylvania.

To save you some driving time, we provide a convenient meetup spot for busing campers to the Camp Tioga facilities. You will receive this information when you register. 


what will teens gain from the experience?

Youth should look forward to four days of character development, inspiration, bonding and fun. 

  • Teens will build self-awareness to better understand who they are and what makes them tick. 
  • They'll understand how to use language that serves their best interest and the connection between their words and their reality.
  • They’ll recognize that things don't happen to them, things just happen.  It's how they react to those things that gives them the control they yearn for.
  • They’ll be connected to their personal power by understanding that they are not victims of other people, events, the system, or fate. But instead they can choose to be victors by holding themselves accountable for their feelings, actions, and choices.

As a result, teens will return home motivated and empowered to be the leader of their own lives.

what's included?

  • Use of all designated facilities
  • Oh, shift! for Teens book
  • Character development workshops
  • Evening entertainment
  • Ropes Course
  • Transportation to and from camp via drop off/pick up sites
  • Air-conditioned cabin accommodations
  • Three balanced, nutritious meals per day
  • Daily snacks/Nightly canteen snack

Cost per camper is $745 BEFORE midnight June 30th (Early birds save $150)
AFTER June 30th cost is $895.